Transforming Lives by Changing Smiles

Our smiles are how we introduce ourselves: they open doors, engage others, and allow our personalities to shine. When we have crooked teeth, or gaps, or an over- or under-bite, we can feel self-conscious and uncertain. That’s why it’s essential to have properly aligned, healthy teeth; we want our smiles to broadcast confidence and happiness!

Dr. Angela M. Scheele and the team at Scheele Orthodontics know how changing a person’s smile alters that person’s life. Every day we see our patients transform! Many people start treatment ashamed of their smile. As they see their teeth move into proper position, and the change in their appearance, they start to feel better about how they look; they begin to engage with our team and their peers and to smile without concern. By the time they’re finished, our patients are transformed: they have a healthy, beautiful smile and they love sharing it!

At Scheele Orthodontics, everything we do is focused on you. We are attentive to your comfort, will really listen to and respect your treatment goals and concerns, and partner with you to achieve a lifetime of smiles.

When you’re our patient, you’re part of our family! When Dr. Scheele creates your treatment plan, she asks herself, “How would I plan if this person was my family member?” and proceeds from there. She never recommends an approach she’d not recommend for a loved one. Our team members feel the same: We will care for you as we would our own family. You are important to us as a person, and we will always treat you with respect and compassion.

Communication is the foundation of the care we provide. We want you to feel comfortable talking with us about treatment and will encourage your questions. We’ll always answer directly and honestly, and provide age-appropriate information. We’re here to serve and help you, and need to know what’s happening with you so we can make sure we’re all on the same page.

An educated patient is an empowered patient. It’s essential that you understand what we’re doing and what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy during treatment. We want you to finish with a great smile and a passion for keeping it healthy.

Our commitment to education includes ourselves. We stay current on advances in orthodontic techniques and technology, as well as patient and customer care. This ensures we provide you with the best treatment experience and deliver the most incredible smile!

Dr. Scheele will personally craft your new smile. Unlike some other practices, you’ll see Dr. Scheele here each time you come in. This allows her to assess the progress you’re making, update you on what’s happening, and answer your questions.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

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