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“I love Dr. Scheele and her staff!! At the advanced age of 76, I lost a front tooth. Not wishing to spend my remaining years with a hole in my smile and having crowding of my teeth, I found my way to Dr. Scheele. During the initial consultation, Dr. Scheele was masterful in explaining what braces could do to move my teeth into alignment; however, she thought I needed one other consultation before a final decision could be made. I recall leaving the office and hoping that this one final consultant would agree that braces would be the answer. I wanted to become one of her patients. And I did and I am and I feel very supported by the entire team. I may never give them up so I can visit forever.”

— Nance W.


“Scheele Orthodontics has been wonderful! Three of my kids have received treatment over the past two years and our experience has been exceptional!! My girls have beautiful smiles after completing phase 1! My son will have a changed smile very soon, as well! Dr. Scheele is so knowledgeable and strives for perfect smiles! The whole staff is so kind and caring, and works extremely well with children. Appointments are easy to make, and if there is ever a problem with the braces, they are very accommodating to get the patient in to be seen. I highly recommend Scheele Orthodontics for your orthodontic needs!!”

— Amanda L.


“I now have two kids going to Scheele Orthodontics: one using Invisalign for almost a year and one just now getting braces. Everyone is nice and very easy to work with. They have flexible payment options and are good at letting you know what to expect at every step of the process.

“Thanks to everyone at Scheele Orthodontics!”

— Tara D.


“My husband and I were very hesitant to start our son’s orthodontia treatments. We felt he was too young to start a process that I personally remember being very dreadful in my early teenage years. However, Scheele Orthodontics has made this experience much more delightful than we anticipated. In fact, our son looks forward to his appointments. Dr. Scheele is amazing at making children feel comfortable. She is incredibly personable and friendly, and gives young people an ease through a process that might otherwise be scary. Her office staff and assistants are also incredibly amiable. As soon as my son enters the office he is greeted with smiles and he knows that all the staff will greet him and ask about his day. He looks forward to the different conversations he will have and feels comfortable enough to ask Dr. Scheele and her assistants about specifics of his treatments. Everyone at Scheele Orthodontics not only makes my son feel like he is part of the family, but they are also ensuring his treatments are working. In just four short months we have seen so much progress in our son’s smile. Scheele Orthodontics is a pristine business with state-of-the-art equipment and very effective results, but most importantly it is a place where I know people truly care for my son and his orthodontic treatments.”

— Katina T.


“I used to avoid having my picture taken at all costs due to being so self-conscious of my crooked teeth. At 55, I finally decided to get my teeth straightened, but I did not want the full metal jacket. After a consult with Dr. Scheele and her team, we decided Invisalign® would be the perfect solution for me. I received my first set of aligners on October 14, 2015 and am now on my last set and have beautiful, straight teeth! I also opted to use the AcceleDent® system, which sped up the alignment process. Now I don’t hesitate to smile for family photos and would highly recommend Invisalign for those who want straight teeth without all the metal hardware of traditional braces.”

— Carolee B.


“The process began with a simple and quick scan of my teeth. They show a computer-aided model of your teeth, both in current and future state. I had no idea how crooked my teeth were. The scan revealed a view of my teeth that couldn’t be seen in a mirror. At first, I was skeptical of the thought of wearing aligners. However, I began to see results in the form of straighter teeth in a short time. The aligners are very easy to put in and remove. Basically, you have to change them every two weeks and have a few checkups along the way with Dr. Scheele. I use a tool called AcceleDent that creates a vibration while biting down on a mouthpiece, which reduces the period of changing liners to five to seven days. I would highly recommend using that to decrease the time it takes to complete the process. Dr. Scheele and her staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone considering treatment.”

— Brian H.


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